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Expert Cert is an accredited certification body of the Russian Federation. Our main goal is to assist you and to provide you with the mandatory documentation in order to export your products to Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan — that is, the EAC Customs Union. Throughout the main office in Moscow and the Italian branch in Milan we help companies exporting to the EAC Custom Union.
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We have long-term experience in the field of EAC certifications and we constantly keep up to date with modifications in every law technical regulation.
Expert Cert’s priority is to provide all our customers with feedback in a timely manner: since we keep in direct contact with the laboratories and technical experts, we can guarantee minimum processing times and immediate assistance for any request.
Upon the acceptance of the order, we always provide our customers with our accreditations – the certification body accreditation and laboratory accreditation in which the tests for the specific technical regulation will be сarried out. Moreover, the quotations we present are always detailed: from costs to delivery times.
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The first step in being able to export your products to the EAC market is obtaining the mandatory certification of conformity. Expert Cert specialists are ready to support you with personalized consultations based on your needs.

By collaborating with accredited laboratories for all TR CUs, we can issue certificates for any product sector.
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We take care of the processing of technical documentation and translations necessary to obtain the EAC certification of conformity. Our managers are either bilingual specialists or have advanced levels of knowledge of the working languages (Italian, Russian, English and others) and they will assist you with any immediate need concerning translations.

We also collaborate with specialized translation agencies for the translation of more voluminous documents.
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It is compulsory for all the imported goods to a legal entity registered on the territory of the EAC Customs Union that is responsible for the compliance of goods themselves.

Expert Cert can provide this service as an external company, allowing you to act through multiple distribution channels in the EAC countries without incurring conflicts of interest.
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In order to be distributed in the EAC Countries some product categories may require some additional documents that can be issued by an accredited certification body.

A couple of examples are the letter of exemption and the FSB notification.
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Certificates for
any product area
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