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Fire safety certificate
Metrological Certificate
(PAC - Pattern Approval Certificate)
SGR (State Registration Certificate, Hygiene Certificate)
Fire safety certificate
The fire safety certificate is a document confirming that substances, materials, or goods comply with the requirements of the Security Code of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 123-FZ of 22.07.2008 and / or TR CU 043/2017.

The certificate is the official confirmation that the declared products have passed the certification procedure with tests in an accredited laboratory, and their characteristics/ properties in the field of fire safety comply with the requirements of the Technical Standards (123-FZ and TR EAEU 043).
Fire certificate
Is required for products with a high fire hazard. It is mandatory to carry out sample tests. During the tests, the products are examined for a variety of requirements according to different criteria. The degree of compliance with the fire protection requirements and other characteristics of the goods is then recorded in the test report. Depending on the type of the commodity, different test methods are applied. An accredited certification body assumes responsibility for the execution and correctness of the results of the test procedures.
the fire declaration
the physical characteristics are indicated by the manufacturer. A certification body accredited in Russia can either confirm or reject these indications. The applicant himself is responsible for the correctness of the data and for monitoring the safety of the product. Furthermore, the declaration is not made on an official form, but printed in DIN A4 format and certified by an accredited third party.
The main package of necessary documents is the following:
Product Specifications
Instruction manual or instructions for use
Copies of technical specifications or standards used in the manufacture of the products
Copies of documents confirming the quality characteristics of the goods, whether it is fire foam, hydrant or other products - certificates confirming compliance with the requirements of the EAEU TR, international certification systems or other standards
Depending on the specific type of product subject to fire certification, additional documents may be required for conformity assessment.
The tests to be carried out are the following:
  • Flammability (G)
  • II. Flammability (V)
  • III. Flame spread ability (RP)
  • IV. Smoke generation capacity (D)
  • V. Toxicity of combustion products (T)
The metrological certificate or Pattern Approval Certificate (PAC)
Is a conformity document concerning measuring instruments for metric-legal, commercial and other uses.

To obtain this type of certification it is required to issue the necessary documentation and the calibration plan, carry out the test tests in a laboratory or a Russian metrological institute and finally register the certificate at the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandard).
The certificate must contain
  • the description and identification code of the instrument,
  • the name of the manufacturer,
  • the serial number of the instrument,
  • the calibration interval and the details of the metrological confirmation plan.
Furthermore, a technical descriptive attachment will be issued containing various information, including intended use, field of application of the instrument, construction characteristics and other information.
In compliance with the Decree of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation from 07/31/2020 n. 2510, the measuring instruments subject to calibration must undergo an initial calibration and periodic calibrations to verify their conformity.

It will be necessary to carry out the first calibration in a Russian metric laboratory, providing the instrument with the relevant valid metrological certificate.
The PAC Certificate has a validity of five years.
Il certificato GOST R è un documento che comprova la conformità di un prodotto alle leggi della Federazione Russa.
The GOST R certificate is a document that proves the compliance of a product with the laws of the Russian Federation.

The mandatory GOST R certificate is required in the case of some specific product categories.
Currently, the majority of products falls under specific Technical Regulations of the EAC Customs Union, which were gradually introduced starting from 2012.
SGR: (State Registration Certificate, Hygiene Certificate)
Is a document that confirms the safety of the products and certifies the compliance of the goods with the sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements, as well as the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. In accordance with attachment no. 1 of decision no. 299, the registration of products and the issuance of the SGR are carried out by the bodies of the Member States of the EAC area authorized in the field of guaranteeing the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population.

State registration certificates issued by the authorized body of one of the member states of the EAC area are valid throughout the Union and have a similar appearance and form.

The following documents are required
for submission to the authorized body:

Copies of the documents on the basis of which the products are manufactured, information on the composition
A copy of the quality certificate or safety data sheet
User manual
Copies of product labels
Test protocols and laboratory measurements on products for compliance with the Unified Health Requirements
Copies of documents confirming the importation of samples (samples) of products into the customs territory of the Union
After submitting the documents listed above, the authorized body considers the application and after analysing the sample of the product in the accredited laboratories, the decision is made to issue a state registration certificate (or to refuse it).
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